October 2009 / The Design Slow Down Speeds Up

What is in store for 2010 and 2011? Get a glimpse here as the Trendease Team uncovers the latest design directions and trends from the leading inspirational events including, but not limited to, Maison&Objet, MoOD, Designersblock, 100% Design London, Tent, Decorex, and the Las Vegas Market. Soak up the latest product launches, colors, eco-designs, and new talent in our virtual pages oozing with furnishings, fashions, fabrics, accessories, and more!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's October Observations

Paris — Speed and slowing down were definitely the most prominent trends at market. We have accelerated for years now and it is beginning to catch up with us. Everybody is addressing this and some are turning it down a notch or two while others keep chugging along, or simply pretend to slow down for the fad in it. From fashion to fabrics to furniture, get up to the correct speed with Trendease.

The Limbs

Maison&Objet: Body House

Paris — With its flowery skin, this house breathes like a hypersensitive body. Organic and remedial forms, along with sensual and comforting materials, transform the interior of the space with their beauty and purity. The body and its vital functions become the fertile matrices of creation. In this house of second skin, new magnetic fields generate pleasant and desirable emotions.

Maison&Objet: Delight

Paris — The time for beneficial lightness has come. To free ourselves from ambient gravity, we want objects that are fragile, delicate, and alleviating. Diaphanous and evanescent poetry clarifies the contours of a new world that is practically ethereal. A breath of fresh air animates a blank page where objects that touch can sublimate nature and light. Let us live lightly and freely like air in the first steps of this new era.

Silicone jewelry

Maison&Objet: Sense Fiction

Paris — In search of new energies, the air of time reconciles itself with the future and techno-sciences to explore the fabrication of a better world. We find confidence and hope in the soft technologies and sensitive materials that are left at our disposal. To set a harmonious world in motion, the domestic fictions of techno-poetry test an engineering of the feelings and emotions in a rainbow of tenderness.

Make your own color combination

MoOD Trend Theme 2010/11: Velocity Kills the Cat

Brussels — Each year in December the MoOD trend concertation board gathers together to discuss societal shifts, design movements, and how these influence the textile market. Guided by Niek De Prest, these ideas are gathered together and act as the foundation for the coming seasons’ trends. The result of the most recent consortium: Velocity Kills the Cat – looking to slow down.

MoOD Trend: Reputation Garage

Brussels — Led by Niek De Prest, the MoOD trend team forecasted 2010/2011 themes under the umbrella of Velocity Kills the Cat: Reputation Garage, Englishness, and Ayni. In a world where everything zooms by at lightening speed it looks like it is time to slow down. We begin with Reputation Garage, which is innovative and interdisciplinary, cutting-edge and experimental.

MoOD Trend: Englishness

Brussels — Moving along from Reputation Garage brings us to Englishness. Here handmade, tailored, conservative, and well-crafted designs reign. Venture into this gallery to see the deep color palette, textile samples, and a description to bring Englishness into a lucid reality.

MoOD Trend: Ayni

Brussels — The final, and calmest, trend found at MoOD was Ayni. Here you reap what you sow. Nature and eco-balance are major influencers in the Andes, the root location of this theme. Click through this gallery to discover a soft color story, ethereal fabric samples, and some food for thought on exotic materials.

It's in the Details

Paris — This Mod’Amont review is a visual tool that interprets the Autumn-Winter 2010/11 trends as concepts that can be used by the fashion industry. Even if one is not in the fashion business these trims and buzzwords can be applied outside of the box! A selection of styles, a choice of materials, unexpected textures and 8 color stories showcase the creative directions of the Autumn-Winter 2010/11 season.

Première Vision Passions

Paris — Green, the outdoor market, and convenience are not only important topics in the home fashion market, they are also all the buzz for apparel at Première Vision. What is the spirit of A/W 2010-11? What is the feel regarding color? Where is the spotlight shining? Learn more with these highlights from the show.

More shades of purple!

Spinning into Spring / Summer 2011

Paris — Expofil is an international show of yarns and fibers for the fashion and home textile sector. Twice a year in Paris (for fashion) and each September (for home) it brings together an international product offer targeting all textile markets and featuring all of the latest innovations: environmentally-friendly fibers, high performance yarns, recyclable and fair trade materials, fibers for comfort and well being. Learn what was key this September.

Designer Spotlight: Joe Zito & Robbie Spina

London — Joe and Robbie, the design duo behind the brand Spina, are without a doubt the “accessory couturiers for haute homes.” We caught up with Joe and Robbie at Decorex a few days ago in London and were blown away by their new Creative Kokeshi Collection, which is unlike anything they have developed before. Inspired by the Japanese Kokeshi dolls from the Tohoku region, Spina has joined tradition with the art of passementerie and interiors. See the new collection here, tour their London home, and be swept away.


New Talent: Turning Textiles Inside-out

Brussels — New talent comes in many forms. The Trendease Team enjoyed how these students were grouped together from different schools to create new concepts and push the boundaries of normal textiles usage. Words can’t describe the dimensions and exploration of these pieces, so check them out in this month’s gallery for new talent. The words “Covering, Dynamics, and Upholstery” barely begin to explain the variety seen within!


London — This week’s gallery is all about another recent grand opening: The Dock. The freshly unveiled Portobello Dock development is housed in three spaces, The White Building, The Canal Building, and the Warf Building, totaling 40,000 square feet. Baptized as The Dock during the London Design Festival, the cluster of building is an “emporium of creative talent” initiated by Tom Dixon and sponsored by Derwent London.


Las Vegas — The fall shows demonstrated that the trend of cultural influences coming together to form an eclectic interior are still strong, especially in the United States. In this gallery subscribers can discover far off worlds within a mélange of decorating styles. Beads, figurines, and jars of various shapes and sizes mix well with textiles and furniture from around the globe, creating interest for the eye.


London — What did 100% do this year to polish its reputation? It invited Designersblock to organize its event in a neighboring hall in Earls Court. Yes. Designersblock, that somewhat underground design scene that normally hosts its show in run down buildings with dust, cracked concrete and uneven floors. Did Designersblock bring the edginess back to Earls Court? Find out here.

Stitch Kit by Nel Colectivo


Eindhoven — This collection, now gaining international recognition, examines the relationships between different materials and social territories. Here three approaches are brought together: geographical situations relating to architectural projects and social dynamics, vernacular chairs as part of the everyday Mexican life, and the debate of the items’ formal function.