November 2009 / Masters & 'Artivists'

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens.

What should we expect to see in 2010 and 2011? Find out in this edition of Trendease! Handmade quality is on the rise, the appreciation of the master craftsman is returning along with the title, designers are creating more responsibly and collaboratively, and importance rests in novelty and innovation. The next generation of creatives plays the role of ‘Artivists’ making their designs with a statement and a purpose. Conservation, ecology, and community are all topics climbing the ranks.

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Kim van Vliet

Jennifer's November Notes

Eindhoven — Dive into Jennifer’s thoughts on market directions and enjoy a gallery of 69 inspirational images. As many of us know, and practice, apparel fashion plays an influential role in developing ideas for home fashion. It is also the norm that many apparel brands expand into the interiors market. Learn about the Trendease Team’s picks relating to which details should make the cross-category jump.


A Positive Outlook to 2010

Worldwide — The Lenzing Group, manufacturer of sustainable manmade cellulose fibers produced for the home and fashion textile industries, has visualized three trend directions for interiors 2010 under the theme Positive Vision. Trendease is pleased to pass this research to its readers around the globe. Subscribers will find the three descriptions, inspirational images, and Pantone color stories for the trends within.

100% linen, double jacqaurd crepe-by Solbiati

Linen Spring/Summer 2011 Trends

Worldwide — Anyone passing through Paris should make a point of visiting the Linen Dream Lab, where the imagination is fed with a vast array of possibilities when it comes to linen, whether in the form of a textile for home or fashion or a ground-breaking composite material. It is the place where boundaries are pushed and new directions are discovered. In this gallery learn about the three directions for S/S 2011, including Pantone color references and detailed descriptions.


Uplifting Trends: Spring/Summer 2011

Worldwide — Lenzing has developed five trend directions for fashion men’s, women’s, and children’s Spring / Summer 2011 collections under the theme Uplifting. Unavoidable buzzwords and phrases include sustainability and ‘slow fashion’. Subscribers will discover the five stories with inspirational images and Pantone color stories for the new directions inside.

Dominant Trends in the Bedroom

Multiple European Cities — Now that the trade show rush has subsided, the Trendease Team was able to sit down and review the thousands of photos we shot and information that we gathered. We have taken all of this data and analyzed it to find recurring themes. This gallery focuses on directions discovered in bedding.

Shopper's Delight

Eindhoven — With today’s fast-pace consumer world we so easily get caught up in, we often forget to stop and think about where our products actually come from and who is making them. Today’s market calls for products which contain a high level of authenticity and dedication to detail from the designer. The resurgence of master craftsman comes from contemporary designers who embrace the artisan technique and materials from the past but push it further by putting their own twist on it.

Stool from Kelly Hoppen Shop

House Tour: Fairhazel Gardens

London — Kelly Hoppen designer, retailer, author, educator, and Regal Homes, real estate developer, have teamed together to create a range of fashionable London homes filled with opulent fabrics and furniture selected from around the globe. One such recently completed project is the architect-designed period house of Fairhazel Gardens in the South Hampstead district. Get an exclusive tour here!

Designer Spotlight: Marianne Kemp

Amsterdam — Some of the most fascinating weaves, textures, color and material combinations can be found within the works of Marianne Kemp. All handmade, her textiles, wall art, lighting, and window tassels add interest to any interior. Each piece is unique and adorns places ranging from cozy homes to hotels with large, open spaces. Kemps art is a true inspiration.

New Talent: From the Kitchen to the Tabletop

Eindhoven — The New Talent features highlight the work of creatives still in school up through their first five years of doing business in the field. Eindhoven is always rich with such talent during Dutch Design Week. Design is an integral part of our everyday lives in every room and chore performed within the home. Learn what we discovered along the lines of trends in color and form, material innovation, new forms, and examining the process from the kitchen to the tabletop.

'Growing Chair'

EcoChic: Conservation & Awareness

Multiple European Cities — The next generation of designers has the planet in mind. All of the concepts here have been developed by students or recent graduates. There are three main themes in this month’s EcoChic feature: water conservation, waste maintenance (garbage, energy, space), ecology and nature. Also within these projects is a strong sense of community building and enhanced communication.


Multiple European Cities — It is refreshing to see the passion sparkle in the eyes of those who are so ardent about our industry. Such glistening inspired this week’s gallery which is shining with the latest lighting innovations. Certain trends are evident; paper, knitting, and LEDs are prominent, along with swooping and dangling light fixtures and a concern for the environment.


Multiple American Cities — These 75+ inspirational finds in the US range from patriotic to celebrating diverse cultures around the globe. Popular motifs include large-scale damasks and florals, birds, butterflies, and blurred patterns. Stylish materials are concrete, carved wood, wood detailing, and wooden beading. Entire room set ups are merchandised so it feels like you are walking through a home, not a showroom, and upholstery gets an amazing makeover.


Paris — The Trendease Team has been popping around to various openings, and are proud to bring you a sneak peak of the “Sapins de Noël Fashion 2009” exhibit that will launch the evening of November 24th at the Grand Hôtel Paris, and runs through January 4th. These fashionable Christmas trees are more art and inspiration than the standard green pine needle version so well known around the globe.