December 2009 / Creative Cross-Pollination

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Inspirational collaborations are taking place, which are resulting in new innovations and fascinating products and services. In many cases design and science are walking down the aisle of matrimony, luxury is getting the rustic treatment, vintage and contemporary items lie side by side at retail with mass market and high-end pricing under one roof, and faded pastels rest next to vibrant palettes for Spring/Summer 2011 collections. All of this and more – get inspired with the December edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's December Diaries

Paris — The idea of cross-pollination has spread far beyond the world of photosynthetic organisms, and most importantly for us, it is heavily influencing contemporary design innovations. In this issue of Trendease you can find creative cross-pollination at many levels. From retail to product development to the latest collection of luxury hotels, this edition of Trendease will keep you in the loop of global design and lifestyle directions.

A Festive Noël Gourmand

Paris — This holiday season the famous department store Galeries Lafayette celebrates a Noël Gourmand. Contrary to what many translations may say, the word gourmand is not, in fact, a negative word, but actually stands for one who likes good food (and a gourmet is one who takes delight in wines). Whatever you have been taught, you will delight in the festivities found within the new holiday displays along boulevard Haussmann in Paris.

Artisan Crafts & High Fashion Decorate the Holidays

Paris — As seen at ICFF, EVTEKS, Heimtextil, and Maison&Objet, the matryoshka figure is growing in popularity. In this gallery we invite you to be inspired by the international holiday windows of the department store Printemps in Paris. The major reoccurring theme this year is, you may have guessed it, that of the Russian wooden nesting doll known as a matryoshka.

Tomtom busy at work in his interactive installation

Urban Walls Influence Interiors

Worldwide — Putting the ethical debate aside regarding whether graffiti is art or vandalism, it is plain to see that the bright urban designs are spreading from the city walls to our interiors and contemporary art museums. As witnessed throughout this edition of Trendease, design is heavily influenced by the act of cross-pollination between disciplines. See here how such a transformation is not limited to the world of scientific innovation.

El Paradiso

The Luxury of Roughing It

St. Moritz — Usually when you think of luxury goods you imagine the most decadent products, people waiting on you hand and foot and objects beyond your wildest dreams. With the Rough Luxe group of hotels, lodges, restaurants and excursions your ideas of luxury are contorted to bring you back to the past but with a luxurious twist. This new way of looking at luxury as a pleasure full moment in time that does not involve direct contact with an object of consumption.

Thankful for Fresh Retail @ Merci

Paris — From the founders of the trendy French children’s fashion brand, Bonpoint, comes an imaginative new apparel and home fashion store in the heart of Paris that is raising the bar at retail. Merci unites fashion with philanthropy, vintage with contemporary design and custom-made creations with mainstream brands. Adding to the retailer’s package, a flower shop sits to the left of a used book café.


Leather Trend Colors are Happening in S/S 2011

Worldwide — Trendease International is happy to offer its readers an exclusive sneak preview of Le Cuir à Paris trends for the Spring/Summer 2011 season. The forecasts will be unveiled to the trade in February 2010. The leather trends include five new colors stories and descriptions. From archaic to contemporary, under water to heavenly, with a color range from bright to faded, these directions are uncovered within this gallery.

Designer Spotlight: Leonhard Pfeifer

London — A creative versed in the martial arts, it is no surprise to find that Leonhard Pfeifer is inspired by “honest forms and uncomplicated function”. Having a background in industrial design gives Pfeifer a competitive advantage as a furniture designer when working with manufacturers. He has an idea of what will and will not work at the production level. From furniture branded for Grey Goose Vodka to a table made to celebrate a retailer’s 200-year anniversary, Pfeifer’s pieces are getting noticed.


New Talent: Wrap Yourself in Color & Design

Eindhoven — The Trendease Team always finds inspiration and fresh thoughts in the projects presented by the students of Design Academy Eindhoven. From furniture to textiles to transportation and all of the social concerns and shifts in between, the industry takes note of what these talents of tomorrow’s industry are preparing. The selections of textile collections displayed here have diverse underlying themes, which result in an exquisite show of capability and imagination.

Andrea, the living air filter

EcoChic: Locavores & Fresh Air

Paris — Designer Mathieu Lehanneur is inspired by nature, but rather than mimic it, he aims to create a cooperative relationship between the organic and synthetic. Lehanneur’s work is an excellent example of the cross-pollination of disciplines. His kitchen-sized fish farms and plant-based air purifiers combine science with design to make ‘Sense Fiction’ come into reality.


Eindhoven — We have a fresh newsletter full of unique and innovative materials! Adaptive reuse, embroidery machine experiments, and our interiors branching out to develop exterior rooms in our backyards, roof gardens, and terraces fill readers with fresh ideas in this week’s gallery. Get the scoop within!

Is it a floor or a carpet?


Multiple European Cities — Hello, hello, hello! I’m feeling like I have jammed two weeks of work into one, which is quite a sensation – and this has little to do with the coffee circulating through my veins. Happily, much of this excitement and new knowledge will be passed on to you! Alas, I am not about to collapse on the floor; however, I have pulled together an interesting selection of floor coverings for this week’s photo gallery.


Paris — It has been another whirlwind week. We attempted to go to VIA’s opening at the Centre Pompidou, but were disappointed to learn that the French were on strike, making the exhibit launch a dud. Our hearts were then warmed by a sneak peak (and taste) of culinary art and design cake that will be launched for Valentine’s 2010. And finally, we attended the preview for January’s Maison&Objet at the lovely Place des Vosges.