January 2010 / A Launchpad for Prosperity

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's January Jots

Paris — As we launch into a new decade, leaving a turbulent 2009 behind us, there is an air of positive vibes circulating the globe. Regardless of the economic predictions for the upcoming twelve months, as the clock struck midnight last night, the overall feeling going into this New Year was that of a good one. What are Jennifer’s sentiments towards the next decade? Find out here. And learn about the 2010 Creator of the Year.

Flame retardant, abrasion resistant, light fast

Innovative Moods

Worldwide — The “Innovation Platform” from MoOD, is a must-see for anyone seeking the latest developments in innovative fabrics and decorative upholstery, window treatments, and wallcovering materials. This exhibit is now in its sixth year, and continues to showcase technically high-performance fabrics. If you missed it in Brussels, experience it next month in Sydney! Not only do the fabrics have remarkable properties, the textiles are also practical and stylish. Subscribers are welcome to see which materials will be turning heads for the coming decade.

Raree: Erotic images from the 1870's - 1920's, finished with 12 coats of shellac

Furniture with Sex Appeal

London — Leonhard Pfeifer has taken one of his popular mass-produced items, the Mini.Bar, and turned it into a piece of functional art. The Boudoir Mini.Bars Collection is comprised of eight designs, with a limited edition of 10 in each finish. Straddling the best of both worlds, Pfeifer has achieved a beautiful balance; a piece that is made efficiently, which then undergoes an amazing transformation at the hands of a master craftsman—here machine and man are in harmony.

Shopping & Simplicity: A Story of Love

Paris — La Case de Cousin Paul is shopping and merchandising at its simplest; a fine example of the KISS Method. For this brand it is not about breadth, but rather, it is about depth. They sell one product, at wholesale and retail – fairy lighting – and they sell it well. Their story is one that will warm your heart as well. So come on in for the ideal feel good lighting fashions.

Hotel Visit: Women & White

Paris — One year after the opening of the Color Design Hotel, the Design Hotel group continues its expansion by opening Le BLC Design Hotel. The theme of the interior design throughout the building is focused around women and the color white. Each chamber has a photographic wall mural, representing the new contemporary femininity, embracing women of diverse colors, ethnicities, and ages.

Designmetropole Aachen Strikes Again!

Aachen — In times of economic crisis or budget constraints, guerrilla marketing is a strategy some people may implement. Creatives are well known for leveraging this tactic. Our favorite group utilizing this technique has just added a new chapter to their book of adventures, and it may shock you. You never know where ideas can lead you…

Farm Room

Designer Spotlight: Ontwerpduo

Eindhoven — Referred to as “a dreamer and a mathematician”, this young Dutch design duo, known as Ontwerpduo, envisions a world of fantasy that is grounded by reality. Designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders both graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in 2008 and have been inspiring Trendease readers since May of that year. And the inspiration does not stop there; just take a look at some of their other creations!

New Talent: Choosing from the Menu

Paris — Trendease had the privilege to get the rundown of all of the events happening at the next edition of Maison&Objet, January 22-26th. We were particularly impressed with the selection of new talent that will be showcased in the Talents à la Carte section at scènes d’intérieur in hall 5B. Now you too, can see what these fresh designers will be presenting at the fair.


Heimtextil 2010/2011 Trend: Futurustic

Frankfurt — The Trend Table at Heimtextil has given us a dose of inspiration for 2010/2011 with Futurustic. “Authenticity is refined for the rustics of the future. Natural beauty, material power, the demand for quality and meaning…are embellished in sophisticated organic design.” This is one of four themes covering textile trends and detailing.


Heimtextil 2010/2011 Trend: Temptation

Frankfurt — The Trend Table at Heimtextil has given us a dose of inspiration for 2010/2011 with Temptation. “Sensuality reveals itself through an imaginary trip. When the materials of opulence encounter sensitive worn aspects, theatrical exaggeration and exuberant artifices… Elegance emerges in the form of new, virtual seduction.” This is one of four themes covering textile trends and detailing.


Heimtextil 2010/2011 Trend: Hypernature

Frankfurt — The Trend Table at Heimtextil has given us a dose of inspiration for 2010/2011 with Temptation. “Nature and innovation speak together in soft technologies. A breath of fresh air giving a more human fragrance to urban milieus, injecting poetry into everyday life and increasing wellness with delicate airiness...” This is one of four themes covering textile trends and detailing.


Heimtextil 2010/2011 Trend: Intuition

Frankfurt — The Trend Table at Heimtextil has given us a dose of inspiration for 2010/2011 with Temptation. “Energy of colors for the liberation of creativity! Color blocks and dynamic contrasts emphasize graphic impetus and take inspiration from other cultures to affirm the inherent magic of simplicity and functionality!” This is one of four themes covering textile trends and detailing.

NEWSLETTER #297 - EcoChic

Las Vegas — We hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday rest. Welcome to a new decade that promises to be full of fresh inspirations and innovations! I’m excited. Now the Trendease Team is gearing up for the slew of January trade events. What can we expect to see? One thing is for certain, the eco/sustainable/green movement shows now signs of slowing down.

Carpet by FLoor to Heaven


Hanover — It’s been, and continues to be, quite a week for design professionals—Heimtextil, Domotex, imm cologne, and now Prêt à Porter, Paris Deco Off, and Maison&Objet. Had enough? We certainly haven’t! Sleep is for mid February (wink). In case you missed the Carpet Design Awards presented at Domotex on Sunday night, have no fear, the best of the best are featured in this week’s gallery.

Change of Scene by Maya Peer


Frankfurt — You want new wall décor, you got it! As you have probably noticed, the wall covering industry is undergoing some exciting changes and is embracing innovative, creative designs and processes. And this week we bring you the latest to see from within this trend, a review of ‘New Walls, Please!’. This competition, held by the German Design Council and the non-profit German wallpaper foundation, A.S. Creation Tapetenstiftung, makes an appeal to young talent.