February 2010 / Creation with Recuperation

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Still smack dab in the middle of the winter trade show rush, we are happy to bring you a review of the latest trends presented at Heimtextil, Domotex, imm cologne, Maison&Objet, and Prêt à Porter. See the latest color stories, learn about the hottest materials, forms, and motifs, all without ever leaving your desk! In ‘Creation with Recuperation’ buzzwords include healing, recovery, longevity, sustainability, and quality. All of this and more – get inspired with the February edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles


Jennifer's February Fables

Frankfurt — Creation with Recuperation. Spirits are lifting and we are moving forward. It is no doubt that 2009 was a turbulent year for many people, but now we have begun a new decade, and a new chapter. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are in a period of healing and recovery. Our community spirit is growing; we are paying heed to longevity and sustainability, with a focus on quality. Read Jennifer’s thoughts on current movements and get a glimpse into a new world of interiors.

The Co-operative

Paris — Social micro-practices reject withdrawal and focus on attitudes of solidarity and mutual help. Cooperative, associative or participative modes put humans back at the heart of the system. People stack, build up a fresh and optimistic style on the basis of variable geometries. Energies are pooled together to make the future. This is Vincent Gregoire’s vision of 2010/11; see it within.


Paris — Cross-over fertilization combines all things urban, natural and technological. In times of extensive urbanization of the planet, the city and nature come together to make city life easier. This cohabitation produces new categories of original and benevolent objects to further well-being. This is François Bernard’s vision of 2010/11; see it within.


Paris — The culture of some enriches the practices of others to produce transcultural aesthetics of world-objects, which convey a special story. Sharing differences enriches creativity. Art and design bring diversities and know-how together. A journey which redefines the otherness and identity of Elsewhere. This is Elizabeth Leriche’s vision of 2010/11; see it within.

The Kingdom of Carpets

Hanover — Authentic, Dramatic, Decorative and Exclusive are the four carpet trends noted for the 2010/2011 season. The renowned designer Ulf Moritz presented these trends in the FloorForum at the floor covering trade fair, Domotex. Within this gallery, get an idea of which colors, materials and designs are expected to reign.

Comfort Zone

Cologne — Retreat to the comfort zone: Voluminous wing chairs, borrowings from English nostalgia, cake-shaped soulsoothers and furniture that radiates cozy, self-made aesthetics keep the outside world at bay. Colorful, traditional ornamentation brings far off climes a little closer to home. This is one of four trends developed by the imm cologne Trendboard; in this gallery find imagery, colors, forms, and materials for the coming seasons.


Cologne — The beauty of reason: Luxury is no longer sought in comfort but in formal and qualitative consistency. Only forms that are beautiful, innovative and durable can be useful as well. Bauhaus classics set the tone, quality workmanship adds authenticity. This is one of four trends developed by the imm cologne Trendboard; in this gallery find imagery, colors, forms, and materials for the coming seasons.


Cologne — Back to basics: Furniture and rooms are being subjected to a kind of rehabilitation treatment and stripped of all comfort and ornamentation. What remains are skeletal forms and white walls. The naked form becomes the starting point for further development using innovative materials and techniques. This is one of four trends developed by the imm cologne Trendboard; in this gallery find imagery, colors, forms, and materials for the coming seasons.


Cologne — Design against design: With experiments, with products and furniture that are driven by artistic rather than market-oriented motives and play with our expectations, designers and their public are rebelling against the slickness of the design world. Improvisation and artisanal imperfection stand for creativity, which seems better suited to solving current and future problems than classic forms. This is one of four trends developed by the imm cologne Trendboard; in this gallery find imagery, colors, forms, and materials for the coming seasons.

Remi Bouhaniche_Etirement

New Talent: A Spark of Anarchy

Cologne — At imm cologne visitors can find a “spark of anarchy in a commercial, meticulously organized world” when they visit the D³ Design talents. The design contest aims to provide a foundation for communication between young, creative people and seasoned professionals. 521 young designers from 43 countries submitted a total of 649 ideas. The best 29 ideas were shown at imm cologne 2010, and be found within this feature.



Paris — Some home collections clearly take inspiration from the runway, and in that vain this newsletter will be useful for those wondering what ready-to-wear has in store for Autumn-Winter 2010/2011. In our virtual pages, subscribers can view the three Prêt à Porter color stories and fashion directions CHICfutur, RUEfutur, and SANGfutur. Also see some other intriguing art, accessories and furniture presented here.


Worldwide — Water is cleaning, purifying, and can symbolize a new start, a great representation for the current economic environment. Water is also flowing into the designs for the upcoming seasons. Subscribers can see the liquid influence in the 40+ images within this week’s gallery that demonstrate how motifs, patterns, and styles are washed out, blurred, and can also resemble a fine watercolor painting.

"300 Years of German Porcelain"


Frankfurt — This week’s gallery looks at a collection gathering together 300 years of German porcelain design. Porcelain reflects the changes of a society through coveted collectors’ pieces, traditional items, and mass-produced pieces. At the recent edition of Ambiente, porcelain expert Gerd Sommerlade envisioned a display presenting a diverse representation of porcelain spanning the last three centuries.


Multiple European Cities — Why not give windows what they want? This week’s newsletter dives into the universe of window coverings for the coming seasons. So what, you ask, is in store for clothing tomorrow’s windows? Subscribers can draw the blinds on the past and get a glimpse into the future within this gallery.