September 2010 / To Shop or Drop?

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The economic crisis and sustainable principles have helped to revive the adage of ‘quality over quantity’. We are experiencing a rebirth of handicrafts, and the ever-growing movement of cross-pollinating time-honored skill with cutting-edge technology. Design must solve everyday problems intelligently. In this issue see previews of Ambiente 2011, design directions for 2011/12, polish up on the latest Pantone color stories, and get back in touch with nature. Get inspired with the September edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's September Scribbles

Stockholm — To shop or drop would appear to be the question. As the new trade show season is upon us there are various opinions circulating. Is the economic crisis over, or are we still smack dab in the middle of it? There is no consensus. So buy/design wisely. Not simply because of the turbulent times, but also because we are entering into a new age where responsibility, authenticity, origins, and process play a more important role in purchasing decisions. How a design is created is as relevant as how the design looks.

Ambiente Trends 2011 - book available through Messe Frankfurt

Ambiente 2011: Cute

Worldwide — Once again bora.herke studio brings us four styles around emerging consumer trends, which will be presented at Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany in February 2011. This month Trendease brings you a preview of these directions: Cute, Raw, Refined, and Mash. The main buzz words for these trends include: authenticity, quality, sustainability, mélange and reminiscence.

Ambiente Trends 2011 - book available through Messe Frankfurt

Ambiente 2011: Raw

Worldwide — Before visiting Ambiente in February 2011, get a glimpse into the consumer directions to be unveiled by bora.herke studio in the Galleria. Pantone color stories and design directions with catch phrases are presented here where authentic, artificially aged, and patinas create a collage of inspiration.

Ambiente Trends 2011 - book available through Messe Frankfurt

Ambiente 2011: Refined

Worldwide — In the third trend titled “Refined” you will discover classic references reinterpreted for modern living. Bling is out; the most sparkle found here is the high-gloss surfaces and lacquer work. Above all quality reigns. Check out this Pantone color story and mélange of influencing images within.

Ambiente Trends 2011 - book available through Messe Frankfurt

Ambiente 2011: Mash

Worldwide — “Mash” like the “Happy” trend presented at Formex, is very colorful and rich with converging cultures. In this gallery enjoy uplifting Pantone color references and a patchwork of designs to brighten your mood. From east to west and north to south, these influences are gathering in all corners of the world.

Is Shopping Rational or Emotional?

Frankfurt — For the fifth time Tendence presented Personal Shopper, offering attendees to the fair help and inspiration to aid in making the right product choice for their shops and customers. The designer who “shopped” the show and curated the Galleria display this year was Viennese talent, Julia Landsiedl. Here she shares with us why she chose to use the right and left brain concept.

It's Your Choice

Stockholm — Formex is the Nordic region’s biggest trade fair for décor, design and gifts. The Formex Formidable design prize includes products from both the spring and autumn 2010 Formex exhibitions and the People’s Choice is awarded from the design-loving public. Which will you select? Choose from lighting, textiles, tabletop, home accessories, and wallcoverings. See the finalists within this gallery.

New Talent Designer Spotlight: Isotrope Design

Los Angeles — In tune with nature and in tune with the times. Sael and Micol grew up in Florence and have landed in California where the marriage of diverse landscapes inspires their creations. Although they long to develop a collection of “beautiful furniture that transcends trends and time” there is no denying that they are perfectly on trend with design directions for the coming seasons.

Please disturb: Belly Love- sofa design Florence Jaffrain, Exquise Design

NEWSLETTER #327 Live from Maison&Objet!

Paris — This week we are thrilled to present to you the Maison&Objet trend trail hot off of the show floor! The title of the 2011 inspirations is “Intime”. Subscribers can view the three influential settings as well as some intriguing “people” photos for each theme. Also, we understand that quite a few of you cannot make it to the main fall events, fear not, we are launching Trendease Market Edge Webinars to keep you in the loop!

Maison&Objet: Please Disturb

Paris — This theme is realized by Vincent Grégoire who works as a trend hunter. He is in charge of the Lifestyle department of the NellyRodi agency and he is a member of MAISON&OBJET’ s Observatory. “There is no longer privacy, we are being shot by cameras, filmed as soon as we go out, watched by satellites, exposed on Facebook… Our time has something of Big Brother.”

Maison&Objet: Mircocosmes

Paris — This theme is envisioned by François Bernard, the Director of the trends Croisements agency and a member of MAISON & OBJET’s observatory. “Private means being turned towards oneself, without duty, without judgment, while remaining aware. To be down to hearth by keeping needed relationships with the others, by taking into account their needs. It would also be not to being logged on Facebook.”

Maison&Objet: Archaic Shelter

Paris — This theme is the brainchild of Elizabeth Leriche, the Director of Elizabeth Leriche trend agency and a member of MAISON&OBJET’s observatory. “Private is becoming a luxurious notion, being on his/her own to be in symbiosis with the nature, to have some time for oneself, to refocus on oneself. To stay open to others, it is necessary to set distances at times. All of us need to find our inner roots to become deeply-rooted.”

NEWSLETTER #328 - EcoChic: Ethical Fashion

Paris/Frankfurt — This week’s gallery is peak at the offerings from the Ethical Fashion Show, which will take place September 25-28 in Paris. The event focuses exclusively on ecological, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly production. Subscribers can see such bedding, towels, women’s and men’s fashions and accessories here within.

NEWSLETTER #329 - New Talent from Thailand

Bangkok — The Trendease Team was proud of the new talent selection, featured in this newsletter, which we discovered at Maison&Objet. Talent Thai is an initiative supported by the Office of Product Value Promotion that acts as a springboard, launching equipped local talent into the international world of export. And these up and coming designers were something to behold! See them here.

“The Dwelling Lab” by Patricia Urquiola and Giulio Ridolfo

NEWSLETTER #330 - The Tramshed

London — Greetings from the London Design Festival, where wet and soggy feet trudge through the city to explore the various design happenings. Sit back, relax, and stay dry while the Trendease Team runs around on your behalf to gather all of the pertinent information. This week’s newsletter highlights The Tramshed, a former electricity power station for the Shoreditch tram system, which is housing a special exhibit for the festival.