October 2010 / Material Wonders

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September was a month brimming with design events. The Trendease Team is delighted to bring its community of followers the pertinent market information and developments key to staying in the know. Learn about design directions through 2012, find numerous Pantone color stories, and discover amazing innovations and materials that revolutionize the world of interiors–and exteriors! From furniture, to fabrics, and beyond, get inspired with the October edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's October Observations

London — One of the most exciting recurring topics coming up during our travels was the material innovations as well as newly found applications and manipulations of previously existing ones. Leather, textiles, wood, metals, concrete and ceramics are exuding fresh ideas. Also in this gallery, find yourself transported to Decorex 2010’s homage to Alice in Wonderland in a world of eye-opening interiors and product design.

A Pool of Inspiration

Brussels — A single drop of rain may not seem like much, but multiply that by a larger number and you can come up with a storm, a deep blue lagoon, a babbling brook, or a waterfall. Ideas are like rain drops; when you put many together something more significant develops—innovation and progress take place. The same concept works for Meet only Original Design’s Blue Drop Awards. In this gallery discover who made the cut for the best of show.

Leather Trends 2011/12 - A Tribute to Disorder

Worldwide — Today with social networking as the hottest topic around, it is no wonder we see the common person become a “celebrity” where our friends become the paparazzi, putting images up on Facebook and tweeting every minutia of the day’s activities. For some it is an overload, for others, it is a love for the newfound spotlight. In this gallery see how new materials get the star treatment.

Leather Trends 2011/12 - A Tribute to Absence

Worldwide — The international trade show for cutting-edge leather/fur trends and materials, Le Cuir à Paris, recently presented it trend theme OPPOSITE COURSE for Autumn/Winter 2011-12. In this gallery the adage of “less is more” plays into pop culture today. While some color stories are bright and vibrant this one is more subdued. It has an urban influence and at the same time, a call from the wild.

Leather Trends 2011/12 - A Tribute to Other

Worldwide — The community spirit of togetherness is on the rise, even in New York, Paris, and London, where, within these urban jungles, small villages thrive. The design world sees eclectic mixes joining forces in a patchwork interior. Small populations create products which are then exported around the world. The result is a meeting of unique colors, textures, and forms.

Leather Trends 2011/12 - A Tribute to Softness

Worldwide — “In complete contrast with the hardness of the time, tenderness and innocence are no longer synonymous with stupidity and naivety.” This color palette contains an excellent example of the dusty pastels we have been seeing emerge onto the design scene and quickly gain momentum. Whether the material is leather, fur, ceramics, or MDF, it is getting a powdery coat of color.

Leather Trends 2011/12 - A Tribute to Right Angles

Worldwide — From the streets of Milan to the back alleys of Bangkok, angular forms have been influencing furniture, lighting, tabletop, and textiles. Now the movement spreads into the warm and fuzzy world of leather and fur. Organic shapes on one side, edgy on the other.

Leather Trends 2011/12 - A Tribute to Red

Worldwide — Fire engine red nail polish and hooker red lipstick at the burlesque show, and shiny Chinese lacquered furniture at home. Reds that never seem to go out of style are in fashion’s limelight. Things are heating up in the leather and fur sectors for fall/winter 2011-12.

Part of the HOME MADE showcase

Home Made Style

Worldwide — Le Cuir à Paris dedicated a special section of its show floor to home. The HOME MADE exhibition was directed by François Bernard, a name you may recognize from Maion&Objet’s trend displays. The exhibition was themed around the currently in-vogue trend for "Hand Made/Home Made". Subscribers are welcome to login and find eight different Pantone color stories for the interior.

New Talent: TechnoNaturology

London — Elaine Ng Yan Ling blew us away at Designersblock. Her specialized craft skills are a cross disciplinarily use of woven textile design and the three-dimensional surface design of wooden materials. What does this marriage bring? Material that is both an art piece and a functional design.

NEWSLETTER #331 - Clay, Ceramic, Concrete

Worldwide — Reviewing the slew of content gathered during the London Design Festival, it is plain to see that concrete and its sister materials are getting a makeover. At 100% Design, Tent, and Designersblock items such as a classic three-seater Chesterfield, floor cushions, and knit ‘textiles’ deserve a second look. Because at first glance one may not realize that these items are cast in concrete for interior and exterior usage.

NEWSLETTER #332 - Première Vision

Paris — October’s issue would not be complete without a review of the directions presented at Premiere Vision. The show creatively calls the upcoming season “the autumn winter II I2 season” and notes that this time period is “determined to reject a wait-and-see attitude, willingly optimistic,” calling for a “redefinition of the boundaries of elegance through fashions broadly influenced by casualwear.” Subscribers can see over 200 images of new materials from the event and read up on eco developments in textiles!

Inspirations for 2011/12

NEWSLETTER #333 - Upholstery, Window & Wall Coverings

Brussels — This week’s gallery will continue to keep us in an inspiring MoOD with over 65 images of upholstery, window and wall coverings. Adding to this positive vibe is the announcement of a 10% growth of business volume compared to the show’s 2009 edition. Subscribers can see some of the money makers within!

NEWSLETTER #334 - Trims and Trends

Paris — For you trim, texture, trinket, and bauble lovers, this week’s gallery of images is for you! An excellent tool for buyers, designers, and product developers alike! Learn about eight different 2011/12 season themes and color stories featuring a palette of 24 shades, mood collages, styling and finishing highlights, and decorative accents in over 65 supporting photos.