November 2010 / Embracing the World Around Us

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens.

The trade show rush is taking a breather, allowing the Trendease Team to cross-reference thousands of products we reviewed during our exhibition marathon. And we have found plenty of intriguing design directions to share with our beloved readers. Fresh shapes, materials, techniques, colors, textures, and patterns abound! Key events in Europe, America, and Asia have been reviewed; discover some of the conclusions here and get inspired with the November edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director
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Features and Articles

Jennifer's November Notes

Bangkok — Some of the items in this issue are surely a stretch, but as creative people we need that pull to bring us into a world where anything is possible, and then we bring it back down to a level that is appropriate for our clientele. In this article read Jennifer’s thoughts on the November edition and see four recently unveiled 2011/2012 trend directions for the lifestyle markets.

The Masculine Roar

Worldwide — Men are now claiming their territory, their interiors. No more do they want bright florals and a sea of girly pastels clouding their manly homes. They want their man caves! Not only in their home fashion, but also in their grooming, just look at the celebrities and fashion icons—beards are back! They are MAN hear them roarrrrr! In this feature discover a collection of products from around the world to address this market.

Babes in Toyland

Las Vegas — The 2010 ABC Kids Show (All Baby Child) has now grown to the largest in its history and based on attendance records, is now the largest juvenile products show in the world. With over a million square feet of exhibitor space and nearly 1,000 exhibitors, the Trendease Team had our work cut out as we walked the halls to bring you some of the highlights of this year’s show, including over 55 product images.

"Bird City"

At Home with Humans

Worldwide — Some would say that humans have conquered the world, other would debate that assumption. Whichever side of the coin you choose, we must live in harmony with the animal planet or the outcome could be disastrous. Urban landscapes continue to grow and push animals out. And ironically domestic pets are becoming more like members of the family. And designers are doing something about it!

Creature Feature

Worldwide — Halloween may be over, but these creatures, critters, saints and sinners, sleek, feathered, fuzzy, or furry, have no intention of packing it in. Some are freaky, some are friendly. Amusing house guests is almost certain with the selection of furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, tabletop goodies, and even bathroom soap.

"A Little Fragile" made from sugar

Granular Decor

Multiple European Cities — The common theme in this article is the granular aspect of sugar, salt, and sand, and its use in some of this fall’s innovations recently unveiled. As a kid having 50-pound bags of salt and sugar at my fingertips, my mother rarely missed the few cups I procured from time to time for my experimentations. However, I must admit that my outcomes were never as cool as the salt light or the items seen in this gallery.

Not to Burst the Bubble

Worldwide — After partaking in a perusal through’s multiple definitions of the word “bubble”, it seemed all too appropriate, on many levels, to dedicate the direction the products in this gallery are taking to the bubble. Plastics, glass, crushed velvet and other textiles ooze into the forms of seating and lighting.

"Mosquito Wig"

New Talent: Hair There

Eindhoven — Hair as decoration. Since September 2009 the Trendease Team has noticed a number of designers playing with this material: Kabiljo, Anna Schwamborn, Marianne Kemp, and now two new talents from the Design Academy Eindhoven. From Maison&Objet in Paris, to Designersblock in London, over to Milan Design Week, and now continuing on at Dutch Design Week human, horse, and synthetic hair is invading the home and wrapping itself around fashion accessories.

Canopy by Jean Luc le Deun

EcoChic: Floral Lights

Multiple European Cities — There are some captivating inventions entering the world of eco-friendly lighting. Energy conservation is a commonly discussed topic for both saving the environment and the economy. This selection of product images showcases some eco-savvy designs while adding a floral aesthetic (or in one case, scent) to the interior. Nature and technology join forces as key influencers in today and tomorrow’s lighting designs.

NEWSLETTER #335 - Sustainability & Origami Style

Worldwide — What will future generations think of today’s designs? This week’s photo gallery features furniture, upholstery, ceramics, and fashion accessories that embody the contra-trend of the design direction seen in this month’s ‘Not to Burst the Bubble’ article. Exotic angles will intrigue subscribers here.

"Hand Craft"

NEWSLETTER #336 - Linen Autumn/Winter 2011-12 Trends

Worldwide — This week we bring you your regular dose of trend direction; this time it’s linen inspirations for the autumn-winter 2011/2012 seasons. Here subscribers to our premium content can read the full descriptions, note the Pantone color stories, see innovative fabric samples, and read about Jennifer’s internet withdrawal.