January 2011 / New Year Inspirations

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Themes you will find pertinent to the ever-changing market we work in abound in this issue: occupied with, protecting, and taking influence from Mother Nature; a focus on the hospitality sector; attention to the details, bringing out innovative textiles and surfaces; more international and multi-cultural nuances; and the new generation of creatives that look at the world a bit differently than generations that came before them. Get inspired with the January edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's January Jots

Worldwide — A very Happy New Year to each and every one of you! The Trendease Team would like to wish you a prosperous and satisfying 2011, loaded with inspiration and fulfilling design. In this gallery read about themes you will find pertinent to the ever-changing market and see a selection of images revolving around outdoor living. As it has already been well established, people are paying more attention to outdoor areas, so are designers and manufacturers.

Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona

The European Hotel Design Awards

London — The European Hotel Design Awards, presented as part of The Sleep Event, recognize the outstanding achievements of architects, designers and developers. In this gallery see the winners in such categories as best conversion of an existing building to hotel use; café, bar, nightclub or lounge; restaurant; spa, health and leisure facilities; and suite.

Cuts, Folds, Stitches & Details

Multiple European Cities — This is an amazing feature on material innovation! Furniture, fashion, textiles, wall treatments, interior and architectural projects—and even sporting equipment—are being renewed and freshly constructed. Embroidery, layering, folding, cutting, and unique detailing are turning heads, including ours. Interactive designs, urban renewal, inspiration from animal transformations, and cultural reinterpretations are just some of the topics uncovered here within.

The new range is heartwarming

Smiles, Wit & Cleverness

Worldwide — This gallery will have you enjoy its wit and cleverness, or at the bare minimum make a smile spread across your face. And this could be more important than you think! From sweet childhood memories to kitsch or ironic creations ranging from flocked Mona Lisas, happy hair rugs and dish scrubs, to mittens that flip you off and entertaining cutlery for dinner guests, these 50+ designs could even improve one’s health!

Cactus fibers, how cool!?!?!

One with Nature

Worldwide — More and more we see the desire of man to be closer to nature, embracing it, mimicking it, paying homage to it, and taking inspiration from its vast beauty. Fibers, forms, patterns, and raw materials are gracing exhibition floors from Thailand to France, the UK, the Netherlands, and beyond. Soon find them in shops and interiors near you!

Les Matriochkas

From Russia to France with Love

Paris — Created by Rafaële David and Géraldine Hetzel, az&mut is an atelier, located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, developing home accessories and furniture. The name of the company derives from the word azimuth, which the ladies define as “one who uses all means and has a variety of aims.” During our interview it was clear that this duo of azimuts certainly has ambitions. Learn about their latest creations here.

It's in the Pouf

Worldwide — This is a piece that we had fun with. Now, we are not talking the pure form French pouf from the 1800s, but a more modern and diverse pouf of the new millennium. The plethora of designs finding their way to the marketplace are diverse in their material from manmade “Astroturf” and mold injected plastic, to natural cotton, to suede and fur.

Itamar Burstein: A Star is Born

Jerusalem — Designers are experimenting with the latest technology while embracing the ancient natural resources of the land, such as wood. Itamar Burstein, born in Haifa, Israel in 1974 is one of these product developers. The inspiration is as vast as his talent. Combining these elements with materials and know-how has resulted in internationally successful product ranges from Israel to France.

NEWSLETTER #341 - New Talent

Bangkok — An abundance of traditional craftsmanship makes up these modern visions of design from the new talent scouted during a recent trip to Asia. We are content to see weaving techniques and materials such as silk, bamboo, and other woods being used in old-style manners with innovative applications. Start the New Year right with these textiles, tabletop pieces, lighting creations, office accessories, furniture, and floor coverings!

NEWSLETTER #342 - Live from Heimtextil

Frankfurt — Guten tag from Heimtextil! Feeling a bit discombobulated with the new layout of the show, we overcame the fact that our annual walk-through plan of action was out the window, and soon came to realize that the updated hall planning is, in fact, quite an improvement. And here is the moment many of you have been waiting for, our unveiling of the trend forum presented at this year’s Heimtextil: R-E-C-O-N-N-E-C-T!

Heimtextil 2011/12 Trend: Utility

Frankfurt — “The global financial crisis, natural catastrophes, a surfeit of products and information are causing people to pause to think about and reflect on their current lifestyle. Nowadays, a decisive factor in purchasing decisions is the consideration about what is really important. Consumers are sick of design for design’s sake, Utility stands for simplicity, accessibility and an invitation to use."

Heimtextil 2011/12 Trend: Sobriety

Frankfurt — “The Sobriety trend theme shows where short-lived, seasonal trends end and consistent value begins. The background to this change in consumer behavior is that, in recent years, consumers have built on an ethical self-image, concrete quality and service demands, which they want to maintain, even in difficult financial times. Consumer behavior may have changed but standards have not.”

Heimtextil 2011/12 Trend: Wilderness

Frankfurt — “The world we live in is high-tech and consumption-controlled, confidence in governments, economic structure and energy supplies has been shattered. So consumers are striving for more self-reliance and want to achieve an ultra-sustainable lifestyle. In order to achieve this, some are breaking free of their normal way of life in a radical way and adopting the Wilderness lifestyle, which means being at one with nature."

Reinventing Heritage Collection by Andre Yu

NEWSLETTER #343 - Paris Deco... Off

Paris — Many of you are probably in Paris now for Maison&Objet and the surrounding events. Ah, and what to do the day before the show opens? Our team was busy exploring the evolved PDO, aka Paris Deco… Off. What is PDO? It has grown to be the offsite event for interior designers and decoration editors spread throughout showrooms (temporary and permanent) around the City of Light focusing on textiles, floor coverings, wallcoverings, passementeries, furniture, lighting, and accessories.

NEWSLETTER #344 - Who's Next/Premiere Class Trends

Paris — At Porte de Versailles, Paris where Who’s Next and Premiere Classe met in the middle of hall one, attendees could dance around the four trends presented and explore the wide selection of products for the coming seasons. Even those from outside the world of fashion will certainly appreciate the directions laid out.