March 2011 / Modern Primitives

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"Elementary, my dear Watson," is surely something Sherlock Holmes would not say if talking about uncovering the next great design. For market leaders it is essential in order to maintain a competitive advantage over the pack of design-hungry wolves. We see for the years to come, an overwhelming look backwards, but with a futurist touch. See how Pantone color stories, pattern and motif references, trend directions for textiles, accessories, furniture and more in 2012 and 2013 are panning out and get inspired with this in the March edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles


Jennifer's March Musings

Paris — This month the Trendease Team brings you a slew of primordial inspiration, which is anything but rudimentary. Although much direction is finding stimulation from the past, do not let that fool you; what we are seeing is full of new twists and turns. In this issue we see influences from fashion for home and the trend and countertrend of modernity vs. nostalgia, among other themes. Also read up on Jennifer’s thoughts and see five trend directions with many examples for leather in 2012.

Shaky Balance

Patterns & Surface Interest S/S 2012

Paris — Almost anything goes on the trade floor at Indigo, where design studios show their artwork for textile applications. For the Spring/Summer 2012 season there is diversity in the directions: digital effects and hand-made pieces with dry pastels, inks, pens and pencils create collections that are second to none. In this feature get a feel for what you will see on products in the coming years.

Trim is the Cherry on Top

Paris — ModAmont’s “inspirations” forecast the season trimming trends through a selection of key themes, textures, materials, finishings, and color moods. In addition to a review of the show, subscribers can find eight directions for trim in 2012, each including a color story, influencing factors, and samples for your perusing pleasure.

Première Vision’s S/S 2012

Paris — For all of you textile lovers out there, this feature is for you! What should you expect for S/S 2012? Clothing and decor fall into three “attitudes” and the fabric buzzwords and phrases are plentiful—definitely no worries about being left speechless after reading this! Subscribers, log in for text, video, and photo coverage of the show.

Cotton A/W 2012-13: Anticipation Nation

Worldwide — Again Trendease is happy to share with our readers projections for the home and apparel, Autumn / Winter 2012-13 markets as forecasted by Cotton Incorporated. Five directional stories, Anticipation Nation, Social Club, Absurd, Role Play and Decadent Decline, are presented in this edition of Trendease.

Cotton A/W 2012-13: Social Club

Worldwide — “Reveling in companionship and the act of ‘getting dolled up’ entice us as this boastful re-examination of pop culture both past and present comes full circle.” In the trend of Social Club for A/W 2012-13 here you can read about the movement, see fabric samples, and note the Pantone color references.

Cotton A/W 2012-13: Absurd

Worldwide — At times silly but strikingly pleasing these colors feel good as they draw us into their candy world. Come inside to see the Pantone color references for cotton and cotton blend fabrics in 2012 and 2013, as well as some samples and key directions worth noting.

Cotton A/W 2012-13: Role Play

Worldwide — In Role Play our emotional acceptance of what is the “norm” leads to greater creativity, greater acceptance, and greater hope for the future. See a Pantone color story here that elicits feminine appeal marked by confidence, and read along to see that traditional standards have been throw out the window with this group.

Cotton A/W 2012-13: Decadent Decline

Worldwide — “In a world obsessed with restorations and renovations, we pause to look at fashion, art, architecture, and people for what they are, and discover integrity and beauty with the cracks intact.” Login to see how this translates into textiles and color chips.

Industrial Poetry

Be Real (and EcoChic!) in 2012

Worldwide — What colors and catch phrases are on the producers’ lips for S/S 2012? Find out here with four directions and colorways. Biomimicry and crafts are huge sources of inspiration. It is claimed that, “Innovative regenerated fibers and synthetic fibers are securing ultimate wellbeing.” What do you think?

NEWSLETTER #349 - Ambiente: Raw

Frankfurt — Once again bora.herke studio brings us four styles around emerging consumer trends, presented at Ambiente. Now Trendease brings you a review, following September’s preview, of these directions as presented on the show floor: Cute, Raw, Refined, and Mash.

Ambiente: Refined

Frankfurt — Refined stands for “relaxed modernity.” The design looks less stiff, is delicately rounded off and astounds with its upbeat personality rather than its architectural inflexibility. Searching for a description of a new classicism, fresh furniture designs are ever more leaning towards controlled design semantics.

Ambiente: Cute

Frankfurt — The fifties return with Cute. Old craftsmanship techniques are used in novel contexts. The fifties happily and effortlessly reinterpret the game of contrasts. The newness regimen gives sentimental designs, charming details and old-fashioned materials a modern look that celebrates femininity.

Ambiente: Mash

Frankfurt — The magnetism of new technologies and innovative possibilities contrast with the charm of handmade, sensitive products. Mash brings together all that is colorful, jovial and highly communicative. This jolly trend claims to appeal to the entire family with its enthusiastically stimulating aesthetics.


NEWSLETTER #350 - Linen Directions S/S 2012

Worldwide — It’s that time again; I am packing my bags for another round of shows and hands on design research. But before I jet off, my team and I are delighted to share with you the Spring/Summer 2012 trends from CELC Masters of Linen. Three directions are bound to inspire you. Subscribers, please log in for the full coverage, Pantone stories, plus yarn and fabric samples!

NEWSLETTER #351 - Waste to Wealth

Bangkok — TIFF may be a small show, but don’t let that fool you. It is jam-packed with quality design product that tells a story and is made responsibly—you just need to take the time to talk with the exhibitors and a previously unknown world of inspiration will open up to you, trust us. We could go on for hours about this with you, but for now let us commence the TIFF 2011 talks with Waste-to-Wealth.

NEWSLETTER #352 - Tabletop Rundown & More

Multiple European Cities — Trendease is constantly reporting on how designers take inspiration from their culture, nature, and the like, but we don’t always get to experience their inspiration firsthand. That has changed with two particular designs, learn about them within. And this week’s photo gallery, a selection of tabletop designs from the major trade shows the team has attended, outlines trends should you note while flipping through these hot product images.