June 2011 / For Tomorrow's Home

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This month new fashions and furnishings will amaze you with their sheer innovation and/or craftsmanship. Here within, designs tame the animal kingdom, flowers get the watercolor treatment, and furniture undergoes a magical transformation. New talent has a taste of the real world and experiments with new, as well as tried and true materials to deliver thought provoking projects. Textile trends with Pantone color stories and coverage from ICFF, Evteks, and Clerkenwell Design Week keep you on top of your game. Get inspired with the June edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's June Journal

New York — Catch up on some of Jennifer’s mobile thoughts. And remember, it’s that time of year again! We’ve just wrapped up covering the ICFF, America’s top international design show. Without a doubt we saw a plethora of products that we have already covered at other global events, but there still remained a number of fresh findings to uncover! Subscribers can unveil them here!

Free Flow Florals

Multiple European Cities — Interestingly, when speaking with design studios at Surtex and Heimtextil, one of the strongest demands they have been receiving is for hand-painted designs, many noting that hard lines and computer-generated creations are less in demand. It is without a doubt, the Trendease Team concurs, that the free flow of the hand is growing in popularity. Learn more here within.

From Prisons to Architects

London — Clerkenwell Design Week brings together a diverse program of events including debates, discussions, presentations, exhibitions, installations, street parties and workshops. The festival is sponsored by Jaguar and this year had two pop-up exhibitions taking place, at the Farmiloe Building on St John Street and The House of Detention venue – a subterranean Victorian prison. The Trendease Team was as impressed with the settings as designs we found.

Design by the Campana Brothers

Taming the Animal Kingdom

Multiple European Cities — Designers using animals as their inspiration is a prevalent theme in the design world. With the Campana Brothers administering snakes and other creature features on ceramic plates and Thomas Eyck showcasing a limited edition swarm of beetles, the animal kingdom seems to be taking over the interior. Depicting animals allows designers to work with bright colors, volume, space, and repetition, all of which are key elements of pleasing aesthetics—see some of them here.

Timeless Treasures Trends for 2012

Istanbul — This month we explore the concepts of the 2012 Kaleidoscope trends by Amsterdam-based design agency, Lobster Concepts for the Turkish textile trade fair, Evteks. Turkish textile companies are rich with product technology, R&D investments, and production capacity. Examples of their capabilities are found within the Kaleidoscope trend forum.

Twisted Reality Trends for 2012

Istanbul — The trends for 2012 are about living on creative edges in Twisted Reality, traveling through time with Timeless Treasures, and silent but smart living in Transformed Elements. Open up the kaleidoscope and enjoy the continually changing patterns, shapes and colors. Fabrics samples and detailing complete with Pantone color references.

Transformed Elements Trends for 2012

Istanbul — Here in Transformed Elements we uncover a blend urban and natural rural living. Textures look rusted, worn and weathered. This color palette is inspired by nature, the earth and the natural elements, and includes Pantone color references with the textile design directions and descriptions.


The Design Space-Time Continuum

Worldwide — Here new, talented designers investigate the relationship between design, space and time. How does immense space between collaborating designers affect the design process? How does this differ from creatives restricted to material sourcing within the local environment? This article explores localization versus globalization. Should we emphasize localization and individuality more, and what is the perfect medium?

Elizabeth Moranfull

New Talent: Discoveries & Challenges

New York — Students of RISD and Rochester Institute of Technology have collaborated with material manufacturers with the goal of approaching material use in a new way. Working with an already established material, Rochester Institute of Technology learned the importance of thinking outside the box. RISD students faced the challenges of trial and error, as they were experimenting with a fairly unheard of material. These partnerships reveal how the differences in materials can drastically affect the design outcome.

NEWSLETTER #361 - Magical Furnishings

Multiple European Cities — The magic in Harry Potter lies within the characters’ wands, right? But, what if magic was enveloped within one’s surroundings? If the power of witches and wizards was manifested in their ability to excrete the magic of patterns and shapes that decorated their lives? The furnishings within this gallery have perhaps been touched by ethereal beauty.

NEWSLETTER #362 - Warm Metal

Worldwide — The world of materials has been piquing the interest of the universe of design. Interior decoration and home fashion items have been exploring diverse surface detailing and various finishes. After reconnoitering a vast range of international happenings, the Trendease Team agrees and would like to add that warm metallics (or the feel of metallics), such as copper, are moving to the head of the class.

URBAN REFUGE-Géraldine Dumont, Suisse-This refuge is primarily intended for smokers.

NEWSLETTER #363 - Urban Furniture

Multiple European Cities — We bring you a gallery featuring the finalists for LG Hi-Macs European design contest under the 2011 theme of Urban Furniture. The entries had to present innovation in concept and aesthetic, considering the criteria of usability and commercial marketability, based on current trends (eco-friendly, wellness, snacking, nomadism…), creativity, technical feasibility, budget adherence, and of course, the utilization of Hi-Macs material properties.