August 2011 / The Eyes of Tomorrow

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens.

Over the last month the Trendease Team has reviewed thousands of designs from new talents just entering the business in order to bring you an in-depth review of the future of our industries. Their work strongly ties into market directions since their projects were chock full of market research in order to defend their final projects. Inevitably technology plays a role in their works, but so does paying homage to time-honored skills. A gamut of product categories is covered. Get inspired with the August edition!

We attend over 100 design events a year on your behalf to bring you trend insights and design movements to help you maintain cutting-edge knowledge of the lifestyle and design markets. Currently we keep readers in 9,782 cities within 165 countries/territories in the know! Are you reading

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Katrina Lyne-Watt

Jennifer's August Amusings

Multiple European Cities — This gallery highlights the creations of the new talents recently discovered at the graduation shows, who could very well be your next employee, contractor, or the person designing the goods you are buying for your shop. It also houses Jennifer’s commentary on the contents of this issue. The range of coverage within is vast, from intriguing textile applications to waste preventing interior design to robots that collect money for charities.

Claire Parker

Nips and Tucks

Multiple European Cities — Plastic surgery won’t even be an option when you see how fabulous these creations are! Whether you are wishing to cover up part of your body or make your interiors more attractive, these designs will do the trick. Pleats, puckers, pintucks, ruching, gathers, slivers and slashes are all gorgeous at the hands of the world’s newest unleashed talents. Surgeons cannot even compete with their handiwork seen here.

Anita Arora

Pointing it Out

Multiple European Cities — Arrows, chevrons, triangles, and other angular geometrics are turning up on all types of surfaces. Culture, architecture, and technique are the biggest sources of inspiration for these designers. It is not merely the aesthetic movement growing momentum, but also what lies behind it: social influence and bringing various traditional and novel processes together to create the products of tomorrow today.

Rebecca O'Grady

Flower Power

Multiple European Cities — Events like Heimtextil, Indigo, and Surtex would be honored to have designs as strong as these. Whether pastel or a psychedelic rainbow, pretty petals are on the wish list. Stand alone or sharing the canvas with butterflies and architectural structures, ceramics, wallpaper, lighting, furniture, and apparel decorated with the right flowers are ripe for the picking!

Rachel Bratt

Birds of a Feather

Multiple European Cities — At Trendease we have seen a lot when it comes to textile and surface design, and here is more of that beauty captured within this feather featured gallery. However, beauty is not the only reason why birds seem to be such an interesting subject on product design. Birds can vary tremendously in hand, color, technique, and application. Fly into this feature to see what we mean.

Rosemary Dwight

Crooked Childhood

Multiple European Cities — These days children’s toys, although, like everything else, they are getting more technologically advanced, they are pretty standard. However, these ceramics, art pieces, textiles and wallcoverings are not so predictable, and transplant us into a world like that of Tim Burton, evoking a kind of crooked childhood.

Zoe Jackson

Children's: Plush & Illustrated

Multiple European Cities — As we continue to explore the new talent of the design world in this month’s issue, we begin to notice some distinct style differences. While the former gallery was centered around a mysterious and somewhat dark universe, the illustrations showcased in this edition give off a more playful aura. The quirky dialogue and minimalistic characters of the illustrations will ignite your imagination.

Rachel Bond

The Shape of Things

Multiple European Cities — This is a gallery of inspirational glass and ceramic shapes we saw during our trip to New Designers. From organically molded to extreme angles, the mixture of materials, colors, and forms is something to behold. A series of vases creating a unique wave leading to an intricately formed rainbow of glass!

Guy Morgan

Contemporary Kitchens

Multiple European Cities — There is no better name for this gallery than Contemporary Kitchens. Contemporary simply means modern, but what is modern? Modern is anything pertaining to this day and age, something innovative, using the perks of our current technology and experimenting with it to create something fresh. That is just what these new designers did. They not only designed a prototype for a kitchen, their prototypes solve common inconveniences within a kitchen.

NEWSLETTER #368 - Advanced Communication

Multiple European Cities — In this gallery, the students create products that either improve or emphasize human interaction. Whether it is how people interact with their own environment in silence or with noise when they are eating, or how physical and digital communication can combine effectively, all of these products offer original means of communication with the bigger picture in mind.

NEWSLETTER #369 - Jaw Dropping

Multiple European Cities — The latest selection of photos is guaranteed to make its viewers’ jaws drop! Not only due to the ingenious use of materials from paper to human hair, but also because it is certainly unlike anything you have seen before. An idyllic representation of the movement where designers are taking inspiration from the past a putting an entire novel spin on it, creating innovations like never before is also present.

Roisin Daly

NEWSLETTER #370 - Beautiful Imperfections

Multiple European Cities — Another week has flown by in a blur of busy business and we are pleased to be the ones to bring you the perfect imperfections that are so popular for the seasons to come. It is the imperfection and the individuality that makes the products in this week’s photo selection so appealing. Subscribers can see over fifty designs ranging from tea cups to café chairs within.

NEWSLETTER #371 - Heimtextil Trend Preview

Worldwide — Guten Tag! We are in Frankfurt for Tendence and are excited to bring you a hot-off-the-press look at the trends to be presented at the next edition of Heimtextil coming in January. An in-depth view will be posted shortly, but in the meantime subscribers can learn more about the themes here.