September 2011 / The Future at Your Fingertips

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Globalization is influencing sociocultural and interdisciplinary inspirations. In this issue we see the Heimtextil 2012/13 trends revealed, explore what is happening with design in China, and uncover directions for the next two years covering color, material, pattern, and more. Get inspired with September edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's September Scribbles

Frankfurt — Globalization and technology have certainly made distant lands feel like next door neighbors. Different countries are sharing their cultures with the world, and some places are taking great inspiration from this. International trends grow in relevance and many markets localize the global influences to suit the customer. Learn more within and see what Austria, Tendence’s 2011 Partner Country, had to show off at the event.

Heimtextil 2012/13 Trend Preview: Color Riot

Worldwide — Modern purist, intense color, spectrum of sunlight, unusual patterns, emotional highlight, flexible material, iridescent, glossy, coated, technical knits, smooth wool, clean felt, graphic patterns, diagonal stripes, pixel optics, overlay geometrics, color blocking, 3D effects, reassembled, and bent are some of the buzz words and phrases used to describe the Color Riot trend for 2012/13. Here within see the color palette and learn more about this design direction.

Heimtextil 2012/13 Trend Preview: Dark Lux

Worldwide — Luster, shadow prints, distorted patterns, embroidery, matelassé, crystals, glossy, leather, new opulence, rubberized, varnished, fur mystery, 3d laminates, material contrast, elegant + modern, architectural inspirations, straight line appliques, irregular reliefs, graphic stitching, graceful strength, metallic shimmer, brocade, vintage look were some of the key descriptions for the upcoming seasons. The color story and general direction can be discovered within this gallery.

Heimtextil 2012/13 Trend Preview: Craft Industry

Worldwide — Uncover, industrial past, lively, authentic, vintage, used, structured, reused, tumbled, washed, crashed, waxed, quilted, simple, traditional, offset checks, inserted patches, interrupted pattern, hand stitched, folk look, nomadic lifestyle, handmade character, flamed effects, embossed, Shetlands, pile effects, unusual skins, native, genuine, natural, rural is the list outlining the Craft Industry direction; learn more inside!

Heimtextil 2012/13 Trend Preview: Split Clarity

Worldwide — Minimal, graphic, functional, intelligent, smart textiles, vibrant surfaces, metallic aspects, surface modulation, clear, linear, contrasting, severe, constructed, sculptural materials, volume, technological evolution, ultra-light, shiny, immaterial, smooth, faded and pleated, opaque prints, laser-cuts, varied nature of materials, sustainability, quality, hi-tech, new materials, modern, calm, pure, and harmony with opposites are the descriptions used to clarify this trend. Learn more and see the color directions here.

Intertextile Trends 2012/13: Make It Happy

Multiple Chinese Cities — The 2012/13 Intertextile trend theme is Mutation(s). The global ‘Directions Trend Committee’ connects the four directions with “Eco as a key attribute, from outside to inside; from high-tech to handmade; from neutral to bright; from a fast-paced to a slow-paced world.” Make It Happy is romantic with accents of offbeat fantasy featuring acidic pastels complemented by beige and white. Subscribers can see bedding, bath, and beyond including the materials that fall within this category and the popular prints for allover decorating needs.

Intertextile Trends 2012/13: Raw Forces

Multiple Chinese Cities — Raw Forces is rustic, natural and authentic with traditional hand-crafting; the ancestral work of wood provides the inspiration for fashionable reinterpretations. The international influences noted by the Trendease Team include the use of suzanis styles, the warmth of wood, and ethnic influences. Subscribers can log in to learn more about the colors, materials, and prints involved with this theme.

Intertextile Trends 2012/13: Color Therapy

Multiple Chinese Cities — In respect to happiness, in Color Therapy, blocks of color are mixed with light wood and wholesome white to refabricate the purity of childhood with healing properties. The international influences noted by the Trendease Team include color blocking, ikat-like fashions, and ethnic medallions. Subscribers can discover more about the colors, materials, and prints once signed in.

Intertextile Trends 2012/13: Love Greens

Multiple Chinese Cities — With an urban lifestyle in mind, Love Greens reveals ethical, sustainable development from the garden to the balcony, from the kitchen to the bedroom, and every space in the home. As one may guess the colors are a span of greens, whitened turquoise, and pure white. Within this gallery the materials, prints, and correlation to international trends are revealed.

Designer Spotlight: Veit Streitenberger

Frankfurt — Our daily lives are filled with what anthropologists call ‘familiar strangers’, the people we often see, but never with whom we communicate. Veit Streitenberger was just this until days ago at Tendence. Chock full of life and inspiration, Veit stages many installations for the Ambiente and Tendence fairs, and has designed a vast range of products for companies such as Sawaya & Moroni, WMF, and Belli e Forte—just to name a few. He is our kind of person!

NEWSLETTER #372+373 - Maison&Objet Trends

Paris — This week’s gallery features another project done by NelliRodi at Maison&Objet with the Ateliers d’Art de France. The four vignettes seen within show different fashion-forward styles illustrated with the unique pieces envisioned by the creative artisans rich with know-how.

Maison&Objet: Obsessions Privées

Worldwide — The Observatory research team at Maison&Objet presents its latest theme for 2011/12: Singularité. Mass uniformity is no longer unanimously approved. No one wants to be like everyone else in our age of globalization. We want to escape the ordinary. Each person aspires to affirm their own freedom of choice in matters of taste and lifestyle. Obsessions Privées by Elizabeth Leriche is the first of three subthemes. Singularité video included.

Maison&Objet: Couplicité

Worldwide — The second chapter of Singularité is Couplicité by Vincent Grégoire claiming, “In a world more full of the solitary than solidarity, union is power and people are reinventing the world as couples. Creative duos abound, and their complicity is giving rise to attached, enlaced, intermingled objects. Such two-steps are producing two-fold offerings in which material and color combine.”

Maison&Objet: Hors Piste

Worldwide — Finally Hors Piste by François Bernard firmly demonstrates how in Singularité design is “setting the standards of style to ‘unique’ mode. Each has its own specific signs in order to heighten diversity in the art of living, keeping it away from conformity.” Thus for Bernard it is on the sports field that design has found a distinctive energy that can invigorate new collections of forms. One such example is how automotive technologies are being co-opted to create extreme functionality…

NEWSLETTER #374 - Tribe Trends 2012/13

Multiple Chinese Cities — This week we bring you a gallery of trends under the 2012/13 theme of Tribe. During our recent trip to Shanghai it was clear to see that companies are now working diligently to interpret international design directions and bring those influences into the local market, rather than focus so intensely on the smaller export market. Even well-known European brands are taking up more exhibition space in the Chinese shows.