October 2011 / Collaborative Consumption

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Getting to the heart of the matter are market directions featured in this month’s issue. Topics range from science to consumer behaviors to transcendentalism. Buzz phrases and Pantone color stories for 2012/13 are a plenty! Residential and contract creations multiply while collaborations grow. Technology and tradition are embraced. Fashion inspires the next seasons’ interiors and importance is placed on the details. From new talent to the tried and true; it is all here. Get inspired with the October edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Interplan Chairs by De Zetel NV - HSH Aerospace Finishes - Concordia Textiles NV

Jennifer's October Observations

Brussels — It would not be surprising to see a new platform emerge to showcase new product launches that is less economically intense. Take the concept of Collaborative Consumption, which is undoubtedly on the rise. Collaborative design and cross pollination of disciplines have been growing in popularity, a perfect example is Flemish Masters, seen in this gallery. Read Jennifer’s thoughts here and you will see that the puzzle pieces are aligning.

MoOD Trends: Soul Kitchen

Brussels — The 2012/13 inspiration theme ‘Of the Sublime’ from MoOD represents beauty and a sign of hope. Naturally, beauty is subjective; none-the-less, the team encourages you to follow your own pursuit of the sublime. We start with Soul Kitchen, and then move on to UGGS and Utopia. Colors, buzz phrases, and inspirations await you!

MoOD Trends: <H>UGGS

Brussels — UGGS pulls its added value from the genuine quest for perfection. The creations are often handmade and are exclusive items with character. Many traditional techniques have been overlooked with developing technology. Ironically it is also technology that is responsible for their return. This gallery is full of color, textiles, and catch phrases.

MoOD Trends: Utopia

Brussels — “Utopia searches for the elusive beauty. The utopian beauty in the purest sense of the word. Because we are now witnessing a new golden age of science. Science and beauty go hand in hand because science and beauty belong to the rare certainties of our time. Unseen images from the beautiful, elusive universe are brought closer…”

Interlocking Trends A/W 2012-13

Worldwide — Here you will find highlights by trend and by market sector for the Autumn/Winter 2012-13 season. Four fashion directions grouped into pairs make up eight leading trends. The color range for the season is covered from the perspective of both textures and finishes. Color associations from the general palette are given for each of the eight trends and cover all the ready-to-wear sectors.

This Season's Highlight - Smart Leathers: SF Leather, B3S, Sciarada

Inspiring for Ten Years

Paris — At Le Cuir à Paris the trends are Footloose and Fancy Free for Autumn/Winter 2012-13! In July we brought you a detailed description of the trends, now see the scenography as it was unveiled at the event. The year 2011 marks the show’s tenth anniversary after having been launched in October 2001 by SIC Group. For the event’s 21st edition this month it celebrates its 353 exhibitors coming from 25 countries presenting their Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collections.

From Fashion to Furnishings

Paris — This year, Le Cuir à Paris has dedicated a forum specifically to leather for use in interior design and upholstery. It is no secret that many fashion houses have made the leap from apparel into home. This trend of collection diversification has really picked up steam. François Bernard from the Croisements studio was responsible for creating the concept of this area created at the fair once again.

Fashionable Accoutrements for A/W 2012-13

Paris — ModAmont is the international showcase of trim and decorative fashion items held twice a year in Paris. Not only is it a place to find the latest fashionable accoutrements, it also highlights new talent. A tribute is paid to the unseen work that goes into design and trend directions for color, finish, material, and ornamentations.

The Whirling Poem Suite

Brussels — The Whirling Poem Suite, a conceptual hotel suite organized by Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association, represents a collaborative project featuring products for the contract market from 43 Turkish companies. The suite was created over 518 square meters and showcases their 2012 trend directions.

Lien D'Haeseleer: The detachable teddy bears can be put together with other parts of bears and become a new ‘monster’ or animal. Technique: recycled teddy bears, needlework and crochet.

New Talent: Fresh Blossoms

Brussels — “Blossom 2011” was presented at MoOD and showcased the master students’ works from KASK and La Cambre textile design departments. As part of the Inspiration Zone, the main objective was to create a platform connecting industries and producers on an international level. The designs seen here bring up questions about contemporary aesthetic statements, production processes, consumption behaviors, innovation, and cultural traditions.

NEWSLETTER #375 - Spell it out

Multiple European Cities — Selamat siang - greetings from Semarang, Indonesia! From Boston to London to Bangkok to Jakarta to Surabaya, now with the entourage of wood experts, I am wrapping up this week's three part lecture series “Timber Trends and Understanding the Market” in Indonesia. It has certainly been a whirlwind of activity. No grass growing under these feet!

Ikat weaving in a Balinese village

NEWSLETTER #376 - Craft in Action

Bali — Trendease has been reporting about ikat frequently this year. Bali put its name on the map with its weft ikat known as “endek” where plastic raffia is selectively tied around the horizontal yarn before it is colored so that the covered areas resist the dye. This can be repeated many times depending on the complexity of the design. See a video and photos to learn more about this amazing craft.

NEWSLETTER #377 - Fashionable Inspirations

Paris — It is no secret that what is seen on the catwalks influences what styles make it into our homes. In this rich gallery, subscribers can review over 100 fashions showcased at the fall events, as well as learn about two color stories with Pantone references, and read some entertaining tidbits; it is all here in this newsletter.