December 2011 / Poetic Rediscovery

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We are re-experiencing comforting motifs, colors, ideas, values and beliefs from yesteryear, which help us deal with turbulent times. But we are not that boring to step completely backward; of course a new twist has been added! Find out what it is here. Patterns, materials, and constructions are familiar, yet different. There is uncertainty, excitement, and a glimmer of hope in the air. Textiles, ceramics, furniture, lighting, fashion, art, and more fill the virtual pages of this month’s Trendease. Get inspired with the December edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's December Diaries

Multiple European Cities — Conceptually there are many themes you will come across in this issue. A touch of irony in design—is it making a statement, or is it something to simply make us smile? Craft-tech is all around us. Nostalgia, we are becoming reminiscent of the past. Authentic, people want the real deal. Rediscovery, we are uncovering pastimes, objects, and values that have gotten a bit dusty over the years. Log in and read more on Jennifer’s thoughts on the issue.

Coordinates & the Main Attraction

Multiple European Cities — Everywhere the Trendease Team has turned its head this fall we have been seeing stripes. Predominantly they are used as coordinates to floral prints, and the occasional geometric or medallion design, and sometimes the stripe is the main attraction, the whole shebang! The stripe is very diverse in its design possibilities. This gallery is an accurate representation of the stripes entering the market of late.

Spotted Nyonya by Hans Tan

Seeing Spots

Multiple European Cities — No, the products you are seeing are not coming down with a case of the chicken pox. They are in fact decorative flecks and polka dots that we have picked out in the crowd of international designs around the world. Like their cousin the stripe, they are experiencing a wave of popularity. Get the scoop here within.

International Textiles

Worldwide — Textiles are boasting cultural pride and heritage. There is an air of nostalgia and rediscovery of tradition. From the East to the West, the customs of royalty to those of peasants in the countryside, there is a variety of international richness that continues in textile design. While one side of the coin reflects that of globalization, the other showcases a broad range of designs from particular regions, landscapes, and cultures.

Trees & Their Natural Beauty

Worldwide — Wood is a desirable material these days. When it comes to material options, many designers are opting to use this warm, homey material. People are also more conscious regarding their impact on nature. Creatives throughout Europe are taking inspiration from the form, silhouette, and rough texture of trees. Not only do all of these products come from nature, they are inspired by it.

Why the W?

London — Hotels are our home away from home. But they are so much more than that. They have become centers of activity. Places to hold conferences and meetings, hotspots to dine, drink, work out, and get a spa treatment. The interiors and overall concept are integral for making the most of what hoteliers hope to be sustainable, yet trendy businesses. Experience the whole package here, at the new W London.

A Christmas Fantasy

London — This year’s main theme for the Harrods Christmas displays in London is A CRYSTAL CHRISTMAS where visitors are welcome to “enter Swarovski and Harrods' enchanted crystal forest, and uncover the glamorous hidden gifts inside.” Remember that crystals are far from diamonds, but over years the positioning has raised the status of crystal in the minds of the consumer. Products are available from £19.50 to an astounding £25,900.00. Enter the fantasy world here.

New Talent: What's Your Secret?

London — This well-known secret is a ground-breaking fundraiser for artists that has gained attention from art aficionados around the world. But it is not limited to an exclusive crowd. Anyone can wait in line and invest the small sum of £45 to own his or her own piece of original art. And who knows?! It could be a Damien Hirst or the creation of a soon-to-be graduate. The secret is revealed on the back of the card after it is purchased! This event is in line with growing trend of collecting art at obtainable prices points.

Intirio Trends 2012/13: Schoonheid

Gent — From the organizers of MoOD Brussels, subscribers are welcome to a sneak peak of the trends that are to be presented at the Intirio show in Gent, Belgium from January 29th through February 1st. The main theme for 2012/13 is “Schoonheid” or “Beauty” in English. Beauty is broken down in to three stories: Beauty of Honesty, Daily Beauty, and Utopian Beauty.

Home for the Holidays?

London — Season’s greetings! For those expecting visits from extended family members, we bet that you would love some stackable solutions resembling those found in this gallery of images. Also a great selection for concerts, school gatherings, and the like! Whether your festivities are large in number or small and intimate, the Trendease Team wishes you all the best this holiday season.

NEWSLETTER #380 - Linen Trends A/W 2012-13

Worldwide — An overwhelming number of plugged in experts concur that “transition” is the most apropos word for the state of design and the world for the coming years. Transition is even the theme for the Autumn/Winter 2012-13 trends presented by the trade group Masters of Linen, highlighting three directions: Mutation, Con-fusion, and Evolution, all of which subscribers can learn a lot more about, and see the Pantone color stories, once they log in.

NEWSLETTER #381 - Maison&Objet Trend Preview

Worldwide — We find ourselves in a pretty special moment in time for design. Companies and governments are realizing the economic importance of design in business and its relation to GDP, which is leading to opportunities to protect and encourage innovation. Creatives have a voice that leaders and policy makers want to hear… Also exciting are the new directions to be presented in Paris next month at Maiosn&Objet; directions that the Trendease Team is happy to share with you here, avant premiere.

NEWSLETTER #382 - Paris Holiday Windows

Paris — The Trendease Team wishes you all a fantastic holiday season and we look forward to inspiring you in the New Year! Until then, you can get in the festive mood with coverage of the holiday displays in Paris.